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By Robert Hartley
NBS Monitor III Cable and the Opus

At Avalon's suggestion, NBS sent me its Monitor III interconnects, Monitor III loudspeaker cables, and Monitor III AC power cords. I have never tried NBS cables, partly because they were hideously expensive. NBS has since revamped their line - now the cables are just plain expensive. The mid-line Monitor III speaker cable I tried with the Opus, for example, costs $2,400 for an 8-foot pair.

The performance increase afforded by the Monitor III cabling was startling, however. I've never believed that expensive cables are a musical cure-all, and would rather put more of my system budget into sources and electronics. But the Monitor III clearly allowed more music through, and became an essential component in achieving the level of performance described in the review. It resolved detail like no other cable I've heard. Bright cables can fool the listener into thinking they are resolving, but the Monitor III combined resolution with a smooth and unforced tonal balance. The detail wasn't analytical or etched, but subtle and refined, drawing me into finer and finer levels of the musical structure.

The midrange and treble had a crystalline quality that allowed tonal colors to emerge fully fleshed out. This clarity also contributed to the cable's ability to let me hear quiet instruments in the presence of louder ones: the NBS better revealed ensemble passages as different instruments playing together, rather than congealing the instruments into a single sound. I also heard this quality on unison phrases in jazz (trumpet and saxophone, for example); the NBS kept the timbers of the two instruments distinct, heightening the communication of musical interplay.

Finally, the Monitor III's bass was spectacular, with deep extension, weight without bloat, and tremendous mid-bass articulation. The Monitor III seemed to snap the bass into sharp focus, like pulling taut a slack trampoline. Often a cable trades weight and warmth for pitch precision and "speed"; the NBS delivered a full measure of bass authority and power, while simultaneously increasing bottom-end pitch and dynamic resolution.

Needless to say, the NBS Monitor III has become a fixture in my reference playback system.

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