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Larry Hilton

Sometimes I think my ears are playing tricks, so I try to be scientific, this doesn't help because I don't have enough technical knowledge. Back to my ears, is Walter nuts, is Larry nuts, are those 90 year old virgins nuts (the ones NBS claims that makes their cables)?

Walter made some great claims during development as all manufactors. He was very low key when he sent it to me, try it and see what you think.

I received the unit, took it out and set it on my table a few days before I installed it. A female friend of mine came in and said Larry, that's a fancy toaster, what the hell you need with one of them. I smiled, didn't want to tell her much but said it was produced by 90 year old virgins from NYC. What? It purifies the electric and makes sure your audio system complies to the new EPA standards. Yup, only clean virgin music reaches your ear. I'm going to send you to Dr. Ruth she commented as she departed. You need help, her last words.

I finally got time to put it in my system. This was a headache. NBS cables are very bulky and stiff, I have Monitor O's, you got it and not much room to work. I was ready to throw it back to Wait. All 1200 miles. My pitching arm isn't what it use to be so I finally installed it, I wanted to give the virgins a chance. Seriously, the wall cable enters the rear, the equipment cables the front. I had to carefully bend the O's to connect to the front. If you are lucky, your setup may let you place the unit parallel with the wall. All your power cables can be plugged in the one side. The ultimate solution is to have a lot of space between the wall and your system. The unit can be placed at a right angle to the rear wall. All the power cords can easily be connected. It's a gorgeous looking unit especially while the lights are dimmed low.

My method is to put equipment in the system and take them out, see if I miss it. I played several records and CDs repeatedly before I install. I have the seven cd set, Mles at the Plugged Nickel. Muddy Waters/Folk Singer, Duke Ellingtonl"Black, Brown, Beige", HoustonPerson/Ron Carter on CD and vinyl. Other source was Andrew Hill/Shades, Nicholas Payton/Tribute to Louis, John Lewis-Evolution 11, Cindy Blackman/Someday. Oh yes, for me you must have vocals, especially females, singing love songs, driving you to ecstacy. Nancy Wilson/With My Lover Besides Me, Billie Holiday/Body & Soul, Carol Sloan/Love You Madly. I didn't omit the males, my good friend Jimmy Scott/Heavenly, Kevin Mahogany/My Romance.

I live in RIF hell. There is an FM tower(97.5), Comeast cable station and another tower (I don't know what it broadcasts) all within a half mile of my house. So I was getting anxious to try the unit in hopes of improving my phono listening. My audio budget is exhausted, so deep down I was hoping it didn't make a $4,000.00 difference. Four dedicated 30 amp lines should be enough, year after year it appears someone comes up with another improvement to take your money. I was semi- satisfied with another power conditioner, a S 700.00 unit.

What this did in my system was disrobe all the layers and veils between me and the music. Clarity and honesty were elevated a few notches. The nuances of all the instruments and voices appeared like never before from reproduced music. The instruments are so life like, you can touch the brass, the woodwinds, the reeds. Effortless music floats out. Space, air and depth you never imagined. You feel like your dentist just cleaned your teeth or you just cleaned your windshield. It is hard to describe. The sound had another level of transparency. I never heard such minute details on solo violin and guitar. Check Ray Nance's violin on Come Sunday and the guitar on Nancy's With My Lo-.,er Besides Me(track 4). 1 hear so much, hands touching the wood, every time they move its clearly heard. Cymbals vibrate and delicately float out into infinity. Hearing vibrations abruptly cut off bothered me. Nancy, Carol and Billie in the room singing (naked of course). Yup right their in my house.

I feel embarrassed, I'm listening music in the raw. If NBS's cables are made by 90 year old virgins the conditioner must be made by their daughters. How virgins have children is another mystery, I told you my technical knowledge was limited.

I was told the unit removed a lot of RF and problems that go with it. I have a drop ceiling in my audio room, the cables run from the front wall to the back The grids maybe acting as an antenna, amplifying the RF. Searching for an explanation why the unit effect was so prominent will continue to be a mystery to me and my friends. Whether this effects your system dramatically as mine, I don't know. Just try it. When other audiophiles come over they just sit and listen in amazement. I'm tired of talking, I'm going to sit back and enjoy. By the way, I never removed the unit. It doesn't get any better. Walt, you ain't getting the toaster back Send me the power toaster.

After finishing my evaluation I discovered another phenomenon. The ae motor on my Basis was plugged into a dedicated circuit. I plugged it into the source conditioner. Ole, their was more air and silence in the background. I called AJ from Basis and inquired why? He gave me the scientific explanation. My ears weren't deceiving me. I decided the unit may have a system effect. It worked better when all units were plug into it. We also decided it made CD's sound more analogue.

My Equipment: Cat Ultimate, Vtl 300's modified by Da Hong Seetoo, Merdion 508.24, BAT D5SE, Basis 2800, Graham 2.2, Avalon Sonata's, Koetsu Rosewood, NBS Monitor O's.


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