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Rick Brown

NBS interconnecting, speaker and AC cable have challenged my perceptions about cables in general, and more specifically their impact on music reproduction in my home. From the outset the products intrigued me based on the elaborate shielding techniques and excellent isolation from vibration borne of the materials used and overall construction methods employed.

Living in a high RFI area is not the only reason to own shielded cables. Until I heard the difference in really silent backgrounds and lowered noise floor vs. my frame of reference, I was unprepared for the revelatory difference in a high-resolution system. Lowering of the noise floor allows music to become more intelligible, and subjectively more dynamic; where it was once obscured by noise. It reduces listener fatigue as well. This type of noise was not present in the original performance and your ear/brain doesn't deal well with its presence. NBS Monitor-0 revealed these differences in an unparalleled manner.

The need to isolate cables from their environment is accepted high-end practice. There is constant low-level vibratory activity in our listening rooms. NBS Monitor-0 does a good job of physical isolation by itself. In this case it appears that the "bulk" of the cable works to its advantage in isolation.

Finally, as it has been said about violins, the difference in a $1M Stradivarius and a $10K violin is tone. If there is a single sonic attribute I wish to compliment you on, it is tone. Simply stated, the tonal color, body and richness your cables allow to come through unscathed is remarkable, and without equal in my experience.

I could speak to other sonic specifics, but I will leave that to the reviewers. In closing, your cables do indeed live up to their name, Nothing But Signal.

Rick Brown
Woodbury, MN


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