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As a lot of audiophiles, I had seen NBS ads many times but considered them to be too expensive for my audio budget. Then, I saw the review by Robert Harley of the Monitor 3 cables. He declared them his new reference plus the price wasn't out of the ordinary. Time to give Walter Fields a call. He told me that the Monitor 4 would work for my system so I agreed to try out the speaker cable. It would replace nordost spm. Well, let me tell you, I was stunned at the sound of the Monitor 4 cable. The coherence, the bass, and the top end were glorious. Time to call Waiter. I added Monitor 4 interconnects and power cables. Things got better. These were the best sounding cables I had owned, replacing nordost, synergystic designer's reference, and electraglide. Time to call Walter again and trade for Monitor 2. The improvement was very noticeable and musical. I was very impressed. I again called Walter after a few months to upgrade and he told me of his new Omega series. After a long discussion I decided to go system wide with the top of the line Omega l. Walter suggests keeping the same series system wide and I agree 100%. It does make a big difference. My thoughts on the Omega 1 are hard to put into words. These are quite simply the best cables in the world. There is nothing else out there like these cables. They are so quiet it is Spooky. Pure blackness. The coherency is phenomenal. There is no brightness, just pure musical magic. The construction is first class. These cables look like the fine instruments that are. Yes they are expensive, but if you are ready to get off of the merry-go-round, this is the place to get off. Am I pleased? Let me put it like this. Walter, you are not getting these cables back. A short note about Walter Fields. He is one of the nice guys in audio. He shoots from the hip and knows what he is talking about. Thanks to him, my system is now truly enjoyable. I am cable happy.


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